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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Instagram Update

I loved it, this week happend to actually be cold so I got to dress up my uniform at school just a bit. Too  bad we are pack to 90 degree weather again. OH LA

My guilty pleasure,  I definitely could have eaten the whole box

Cappuccino with Soy Milk and twix cupcake 

Vegan Day: Berry Tofu Cheesecake, Kukicha Tea, Grilled Tofu and cabbage

Lunch with the Parental Units

OOTD: cable knit sweater, rag and bone jeans, cole haan loafers

My go to dinner: Half a cantaloupe and some kind of berry!

Making my favorite "at home" salad! mm so tasty


  1. ah your style is amazing!! and this post is like food porn! haha how do you stay so healthy?!
    i have so much studying to do too... :( you seem to be able to motivate yourself really well! i need to get into action and actually do work! hope school goes really well for you.. xxx

  2. lovely impressions dear! we could definately go for your homemade salad! Your school uniform is really adorable!

    xoxo, 0941 fashion

    0941 Blog