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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sunroom Pt. 1

So, on my tumblr many people have been asking me to post pictures of my sunroom, but sadly I don't have any furniture in it and it is just getting started. I do have littler trinkets here and there but I'm still missing a big white sofa, clear coffee table, and clear book case. I also need to add a lot more terrariums to give that serene look I'm going for. Anyway, here are just a few pictures to get the idea. Hope you enjoy!



  1. Quite possibly the most gorgeous room I've ever seen. Wow. Is this in your house?

  2. I've always seen sunrooms as a way to get an outdoorsy feel within a home, so having it be bare like this is actually very appealing to me. I love the plants you used to decorate and even thought that the carpet was grass. Haha! And as much as I love how much natural light there is during day time, I have to say that I love the dramatic vibe you had going with the string lights. Beautiful room! -Marilee @ 5th Generation Contracting