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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beautifying Musts

Hello All! On my tumblr, I have been receiving a handful of questions asking me about what beauty products I use and I how I keep my skin so clean. Instead of just telling you what I do, I thought it would be a good idea to make a post so you all could visually see what I use and go out and by the products yourselves.
Mint Julips is the best lip scrub I have ever tried. I really like that it exfoliates while also leaving your lips with a tingly minty feeling. There is also an added bonus of licking it off because the ingredients exist of mostly sugar and other flavorings.

Perfect for a sunkissed look even when summer is over!

The Cupcake Face Mask from Lush is perfect for spotty and oily skin ( like mine ).

This is a Toner. I use this in combination with a cleanser listed down below to remove my makeup because it helps lift up the impurities!

This is another amazing mask from lush that leaves your face with a nice dewy, yet fresh feeling! I use this one everyday.

A delicious smelling body lotion that leaves you feeling super soft. I also love the Charity Pot because the money you use to pay for it goes to a charity of your choosing.

This was the cleanser I was referring to above, the one I use to remove my make up.

My Shower Gel!

Anastasia Eye Brow Gel, used to keep those puppies from moving around.

A great product for filling in those little empty spots in the brows, I know we all have them.

Make up Forever Concealer

Great for intensifying, volumizing, and lengthening!

The Tarte BB Cream ( beauty balm ) helps with reducing oiliness, while at the same time moisturizing!

Another Face Mask. This one is made licorice and it is a peel off mask that I use probably once a week!

The Naked Palette is just a must, it has all the colors for a beautiful, natural look.

The Makeup Forever Aqua Eyeliner is an amazing product, the only downside is taking it off.

Miss Liberty Highlight by Nars

Makeup Forever Lipstick in N10

Tarte Cheek Stain in Awakening

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  1. oooh i need to try all those lush products!!!