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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Best Of Bath

 Best Bubble Bath Scent in the world, honestly I can this is the most peaceful scent I have gotten and however long I am in the bath always feel like hours, which I love. The scent and whole feeling of a bath just makes me feel so relaxed.
 Okay, So this product is definitely one I can attest to, BUT! do not use it if you have greasy hair. I repeat DO NOT USE IT. Due to its purpose ( spray shine ), it will make your hair look extra greasy and nobody ever wants that! I only use this product in my hair every once in a while 

Coconut Milk by Organix is one of my favorites! Especially since I ran out of my Moroccan Oil, which is what I normally use to give my hair a nice shine, smell, texture etc. Coconut Milk does a great job of being a "weightless" serum that really helps to repair split ends and at the same time is great for hydrating!
 A little R & B by Lush goes a long way! I have had this pot for already 6 months and I am nowhere near finishing it. Like the Coconut Milk, it definitely is a hydrating, but with this product one must be careful when using it, because too much can make your hair very sticky :(
Vitamin E Oil might be my favorite thing in the entire universe!  I am like a lotion fanatic, but every since I started using the oil I can't go back to just regular lotion! This not only revitalizes the skin, but really gets down in the pores to moisturize! On top of making your skin super smooth, it also leaves a nice glistening finish to the skin.... which personally I find really pretty!
A little grouping picture of some semi- recent purchases
 This product is pretty good I think. It is called "Grease Lightning" and it is suppose to get rid of acne. I don't think it full works, but one thing I know for sure, it really helps to decrease the appearance of redness. So instead of using it as a natural acne remedy, I just use it to make my skin more even looking.
 Burt's Bees Almond Milk Hand Creme is definitely a keeper! Although it makes my hands super sticky when I first apply it, in five minutes my hands feel like a baby's bottom... no joke! I know it is a bit pricey for creme ( $20), but I would definitely say it is worth it.
 Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel, great for puffy irritated eyes; nuff said.
 I love my Lush Rose Water Toner! I makes my skin nice a taught, yet still manages to hydrate it all at the same time. Definitely great for anti-aging... even though I don't need to worry about that, rose-water is apparently suppose to help with a decreased appearance of wrinkles. I'm sold!
 Yes to Carrots Nourishing night repair cream is great! The cream is light enough that it won't give you pimples in the morning, but thick enough so that you wake up in the morning with a beautiful refreshed face.
Hope you enjoyed!

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