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Monday, February 25, 2013

New Project - Room + Sunroom

Howdy Y'all! So my brother is officially get all of his stuff out of his room from High School and taking it with him to San Francisco. Exciting right? You don't even know the half of it. So because that room would be empty and a waste of space, my parents are giving it to me to remodel and make it my own and live out my last two years of high school with a bang. Right now the Interior goes as follows:
Sun Room

 Bed Room

Here is my inspiration for what I plan to do with it:



  1. it's going to look absolutly amazing! please keep us updated with how it all goes! cant wait to see! :)

  2. Your sunroom is just perfect. The light being filtered is more than enough to set a good mood. Your second photo of ideas would definitely make for a perfect library or sun room because of the big glass walls. It's very modern and stylish too.

    Angelina Garcia

  3. I can sense your personality with the kind of setting your sunroom has. It's very funky and artistic! And you'll definitely see lots of stuff that relates to music, which I find awesome. Your inspirations are quite different from your current one though. Change of preference, huh? Nonetheless, they all look great. I hope that you pushed through with your plans.

  4. Great inspirations, huh? But I guess you need to do lots of work and organizing for the renovation. Hehe! Anyway, months have passed and I wonder how the sunroom looks today. Did you start redecorating? I'm excited to see the final results of your project. :)

    Chase Conely @