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Monday, February 25, 2013

Project #1 continuation...

So now, you have a bit of an idea as to what I'm going for. The very zen, but modern look! I'll be including hanging gardens, the room will be painted white ( to match my bedroom), and I'll have to put an espresso machine in there. I mean I just love my almond milk cappuccinos! Anyways, here is what I am thinking of putting it in, along with some kind of sofa, fluffy pillows, and an awesome sound system too!



  1. oooh these are all really cool! id say some of it is so expensive, but you could probably do a DIY job on alot of it! look for round goldfish bowls for those plant pots and if you have an old mirror- paint it with blackboard paint! :)

  2. Guuurl, you don't know how much I love your blog! Such an inspiration :) Where can I get those Plant bowls? They are beautiful!!